Monday, March 13, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Disney 100 Clothing and Apparel

Happy Monday Friends!  Today, I'm continuing my Disney 100 merchandise posts with another installment.  Last week, I focused on the Hallmark home decor collection... so this week, we're switching gears over to clothing and apparel!

I've seen a few clothing companies release items for the Disney 100 celebration.  Most of them have been really popular... and some of them have sold out already.  But, I still wanted to include them in today's post!  Let's check them all out!

Her Universe and Hot Topic

I should have known that Her Universe and Hot Topic would have a collaboration for the Disney 100 celebration.  What I wasn't expecting was for it to be all in on the Mickey Mouse Club and vintage nostalgia.  But I love how the collection came out!

First, there's this Steamboat Willie Athletic Jersey.  I love it and I know Eliot would too!

Eliot would also like this Mickey Mouse and Friends Vintage Woven Button Up Shirt.

I love the simple design on this Sensational Six Vintage Tie-Front Ringer T-Shirt.

The Mickey Mouse And Friends Reel Satchel Bag matches the collection perfectly.

The Mickey Mouse Club Vintage Mini Backpack definitely caught my eye!

They also made a matching Mickey Mouse Club Vintage Mini Flap Wallet.

There's also a matching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Keychain... 

... as well as a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Lanyard!

Finally, my absolute favorite part of this collection was the Mickey Mouse Club Vintage Varsity Cardigan.  Both the front and back are adorable.

This sweater would look great with my Disney outfits.  I just wish they had made a dress to match the collection.  But there's still plenty of time!  I'll keep my eyes peeled!


Another collection heavy on the vintage Disney nostalgia was the Cakeworthy Disney 100 release.  These products would also coordinate really well with the pieces above!

Photo Source by @magicwithjen

First, we're starting off with this Steamboat Willie Flannel since Cakeworthy is known for their flannel shirt designs.  I love how they included the graphic on the back!

They also made a Mickey Mouse Club Crop T-Shirt that's perfect for Mouseketeers!

The Mickey Mouse Print Denim Shorts are designed for both men and women.  I really love the gray color with the black and white Mickey heads printed all over them!

I'm not sure if I could pull off this Mickey Mouse Tie Up Jumpsuit, but it's really cute!

I really love this Vintage Mickey Button Up Dress.

The Mickey Mouse Club Crossbody Bag would look great with any of these outfits.

Finally, my favorite piece in this collection was definitely a quick seller.  The Mickey Mouse Club Bucket Hat is so cute and it would be perfect to wear at the parks!


RSVLTS (pronounced "rose-uh-velts") is a company that's more new to Eliot's and my radar.  I was probably originally introduced to them when looking for shirts for Eliot to wear that would coordinate with my Disney dresses.  They had a booth at the D23 Expo last year and I definitely took a peek.  I've been really impressed with them!

I'm starting off with something a little different first.  This Disney 100 Hiya Pal Short Sleeve Shirt definitely screams "Mickey" but it makes me feel like there's a subtle nod to Sorcerer Mickey with the blue color, moons and stars printed on it!

Next, this Disney 100 Steamboat Mickey Short Sleeve Shirt definitely fits the theme of Disney 100 and starting off with the cartoon short staring our favorite mouse.  I really wish that I'd gotten one of these for Eliot to match a few of my outfits!

But my absolute favorite is this Disney 100 Sketches to Screen Short Sleeve Shirt.  I am obsessed with sketches... the designer in me can't help myself.  This shirt would go perfectly with one of my Disney Dress Shop dresses so hopefully they will restock it!

Rock 'Em Socks

Rock 'Em Socks is another company that's a bit newer on our radar.  They also had a booth at the D23 Expo and I spent quite a few minutes drooling over all of the sock designs.  (They have everything... and plenty of holiday designs... but I'll save that for another day!)  They have a nice selection of Disney 100 items as well.

First, we have these really cute D100 Mickey 100 socks.  I really like this design!

We have the OG Mickey with these D100 Steamboat Willie Showtime Socks.

I'm a big fan of these D100 Steamboat Willie All Over Socks.  I really love this print!

If you enjoy Disney music, the D100 Musical 3 Pack of socks is perfect for you!

The D100 Music and Wonder All Over socks are also sold separately.  I love these too!

Finally, my favorite was this Mickey D100 3 Pack of socks.  I might have to get them!

Love Your Melon

Finally, I've told you about some of my other Love Your Melon finds.  Eliot and I both have an obsession with these hats.  They're not cheap, but they are so warm and such high quality.  For the Disney 100 celebration, they released eight new designs inspired by Steamboat Willie and vintage Mickey and Minnie designs.  All of the new designs included a special "button" on them that say "Disney 100" on it.

They had a pom pom version and a non-pom version.  I'm a sucker for the pom poms, especially the double poms.  Eliot actually prepares the non-pom hats because they cover his ears better.  But both are good options and all of these are really cute.  I've defiantly got my eye on that speckled Steamboat Willie double pom design!

Whew!  That was a lot of fun nostalgia... I love all of the Steamboat Willie stuff.  This definitely makes me want to go big on my black, white, gray and red outfits.  

What do you think of the Disney 100 stuff so far?  I'm a big fan and I can't wait to see what else is coming... there are plenty more collections and products to see!  I'll be back next week with some more merchandise finds!  °o°

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