Monday, March 20, 2023

Magical Merchandise: Bradford Exchange Disney 100 Collection

Happy Monday!!!  Whew this month is flying right by isn't it?  It's hard to believe that it is already time for another Magical Merchandise Monday!  Today, I'm continuing my Disney 100 theme for the month of March.  Last week I focused on clothing, so we are switching back to focusing on home decor and something new for our latest edition!

In this post, I'm highlighting one collection like I did for my Hallmark collection entry a couple of weeks ago.  The Bradford Exchange is known for their quality collectibles and they usually make products for major events like the Super Bowl.  I don't know why I didn't expect them to make a Disney 100 collection, but when I discovered it a few weeks ago (while mindlessly scrolling online) I was surprised and couldn't wait to see what they made.  So let's check everything out!

Coin collecting has been popular forever, so naturally they have a special Disney 100 Years of Wonder Coin that you can display for the celebration.

I really love this Disney 100 Years of Wonder Commemorative Clock.  The details on it are amazing and I love all of the characters in it.  Plus it looks shiny and sparkly!

Another shiny thing that caught my eye was the Disney 100 Laser-Etched Globe with Color-Changing Lights.  The LED lights change and it looks like it's so much fun!

If you're looking for something to tuck in with your other treasures, this Disney 100 Years of Wonder Hand-Painted Sculpture would be perfect.  I love the 3D Mickey, Minnie and Pluto with the silhouettes of other Disney characters across the bottom.  

Speaking of characters, we're going to be switching gears a little bit to something else with a lot of character!  One of my favorite things that the Bradford Exchange makes is their jewelry.  They have quite a large selection of it, and I was pleased that they have some for the Disney 100.  First, we have this Disney 100 Bangle Bracelet with Stamp Art From Movie Scenes.  I love how there are so many movies represented on it!

The Disney 100 Platinum Celebration Crystal Heart Necklace reminds me of the Disney Crystal Heart necklace my parents bought me from the Bradford Exchange a few years ago as a birthday gift.  I love how it has all of the characters on it!

If you like that design, you'll also like the Disney 100 Platinum Celebration Cuff Bracelet with Crystals.  This also has a ton of Disney characters on it!

As you guys know, I love anything sparkly or shiny and this Disney 100 Celebration Ring Featuring a 100 Facet Crystal looks like it definitely fits that description!  Wow!

But I think my favorite jewelry piece from the collection is actually the Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Infinity Pendant Necklace.  I absolutely love how it has Mickey on it!

The Disney 100 Mickey Mouse Ring with Over 20 Crystal Accents matches the necklace perfectly and it also caught my eye.  (Mentally taking notes down for Santa!) 

I have to switch back to home decor for our last item in today's post since I saved the best for last!  The Disney 100 Celebration Glitter Globe With Color Changing LEDs is my favorite piece in the entire collection.  I am obsessed with how the bottom part looks like it's made of a faceted crystal.  I also love the swirl around it and how Mickey is inside the snow globe part.  I feel like this needs to live on my desk as a reminder of the 100th anniversary of my favorite company!

I hope you enjoyed this collection of merchandise from the Bradford Exchange!  I am interested in seeing if they'll add anything else since many retailers are adding more items as the celebration continues throughout the year!  But in the meantime, check back next week for my last Disney 100 merchandise post of March!  °o°

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