Thursday, September 12, 2013

Virtual Run Medals

This week is like Christmas in my world of virtual runs!  I got two virtual run medal packages in the mail today and two more that I'm registered for are on their way!  I've got a bit of running ahead of me in the next few weeks!

September 10th marked the "official" start of our 19 week training program for the 2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon.  I'll be honest, I haven't ran or walked at all this week. The past few days have been really hot for September.  (93 degrees in Maine in September?!?!?)  We've also had a ton of rain and lightning storms, not exactly the ideal weather pattern for running.

However, all is not lost.  This weekend Eliot and I are going to visit my parents and I'm planning on going on the trails in Acadia both Saturday and Sunday.  And it's supposed to be warm and sunny.  Maybe I'll earn some of my medals?

The first medal that I opened was my Princess Challenge Ariel medal.  She is part of a 4 medal series with a bonus medal.

This virtual race is benefitting the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Registration is still open if you'd like to earn one (or all) of these princess medals!  Here's the link to register.

This is the event page on Facebook.  I've also got my bib all ready to go!  Eliot filled it out for me… can you guess why he chose that as my bib number?  Awww… 
The second set of medals that I opened was the set that I've been dying to get!  Ahh, I'm so excited!  You all remember my fascination with the Disney Christmas Shoe ornaments right?  (If you don't, read all about it here.)  Well, check out these beauties!!!  Shoe medals!!!

The proceeds from this virtual race will benefit the Lazarex Cancer Foundation.

This princess set was so popular, that not only did it sell out, but the race director is opening it back up again for a very limited time!  Here's the link to register for set 1!  This is the event page on Facebook.

I also squealed out loud when I found out that she was putting on another virtual race with a second set of princess shoe medals!  I believe my comment on her Facebook announcement was that my prayers have been answered.  (Yeah, I know.  I'm a dork.  A dork who can now hope for a set 3.....)
Here's the link to register for one (or all) of these set 2 medals!  But hurry!  These are going quickly!  This is the event page on Facebook.  This set of medals is benefitting Girl Power 2 Cure.

I am also waiting on this beautiful medal!  This virtual race was called the Earning My Glass Slipper training.  I was super excited to register for this race since I was not able to participate in next year's Glass Slipper Challenge at the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. (Eliot and I do have our sights set on it for 2015 though.)  But these are awesome medals so it will help ease the pain.  

This race director is running in the Glass Slipper Challenge next year and is running for Give Kids the World, the same non-profit that my Beastly Challenge virtual race was for.  I also snagged two extra 1.93 mile medals and I have a special someone who I plan to give one to as motivation to run the Tinkerbell 10k with me in 2015.

Hopefully my other medals will come in the mail soon.  However, as exciting as it is to get the medals in the mail, I'm very happy to donate money to all of these great causes.  It gives me warm fuzzies inside to know that I'm helping someone else out.  

Yikes!  Here comes yet another lightning storm… I probably should get off of the computer. I will keep you all up to date on our half marathon training and earning these medals!  °o°


  1. Please let me know if these are still available!

    1. You'll have to contact the race directors. I know that the shoe medals are all gone. But I'm not sure about the others!!!

  2. Will there be virtual runs in 2014???

    1. Hi Valerie! I'm not sure! I haven't heard a definite yes or no. But if there are any, I'm sure that I'll write something about them on my blog! :-)