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Wedding Trip Recap- September 14, 2012

The night of September 13th to the 14th we stayed up until about 2 am packing our wedding stuff.  I had the guest book, wedding party gifts, projects I hadn’t yet finished, my accessories, shoes, the sand ceremony, the silk floral bouquets, the wedding party t-shirts and so much more to pack.  We used a bunch of plastic containers to protect our wedding items and to keep them organized.  I methodically packed everything and crossed it off of my list. 

I think I was slowly driving myself to temporary insanity worrying about forgetting something.  We were listening to a playlist while packing and there may or may not have been a 1 am One Direction “Beautiful” dance party in our living room.  (Eliot probably thought that I’d lost it at that point as I was dancing like a psycho around the living room.  Hopefully our neighbors were not privy to all of this…) After collapsing in a pile of giggles, I decided that I better hurry to finish the packing so I could get some sleep!

September 14th we woke up fairly tired after our late night of packing.  Mom, Nana and Papa were at our apartment in Massachusetts bright and early to load the trailer. My parents and grandparents were driving from Maine to Florida, so they decided to bring along their 5’x8’ covered trailer to make sure that our wedding items would be transported safely. (Mom hadn’t gone to sleep since she had been doing tax returns the entire night before.  We were certainly a chipper bunch!)  Eliot and I made sure that everything was secure in the trailer and then they were off!

After packing the trailer up, Eliot and I got ready to catch our flight. We had a taxi pick us up from our apartment and take us to the bus station.  Then we took an airport shuttle bus to Logan.  I was so relieved once we were on the bus.  I was completely terrified that I’d forgotten something, anything, everything… but we were finally on our way and what was done was done!

Dad was a few hours behind all of us driving in the car since he had a few last minute business things to attend to before leaving Maine.  He was tasked with stopping at our apartment to pick up my wedding dress that I’d hung in the closet. 

We had it packed safely in its dress bag with a plastic form to hold the bodice up.  He was to lay it flat in the back seat of the car until he met up with Mom, Nana and Papa and then they were trading cars.  So my wedding gown ended up in the back seat of the truck for the long journey to Florida with our wedding items following behind it in the trailer.

Meanwhile, Eliot and I got on our 2:18 pm flight to Orlando and arrived at 5:25 pm.  Somewhere between Boston and Orlando, I finally allowed myself to soak it all in.  We were going to Disney.  On our wedding trip.  Actually getting married in Walt Disney World.  Whoa!

I was so excited to get on Disney’s Magical Express and pass under the gateway onto property.  I'm always excited to arrive, but this time, it was like I was in a dreamland.  It was really happening.  We were really getting married here in a few days.  There were definitely a few happy tears.  

We checked in at Pop Century and told them we were there for our wedding and the girl at the counter gave us two pink carnations and 2 Happily Ever After buttons.  I felt like a princess.  We got to our room and called bell services to see if the guys’ tuxes from Men's Warehouse had arrived yet.  They had so they were all delivered to our room a few minutes later.  (Men's Warehouse will deliver your tuxes to your resort on property if you're having a Disney Wedding.)

At this point, our long night of packing and day of travel finally caught up with us and we crashed.  We had most of the next day to ourselves before everyone started to arrive so we needed sleep!  °o°

Note: I will be using our Facebook posts to help relive our wedding trip.  The two weeks were such a whirlwind that Facebook is really the only way I can even begin to remember what we did and when.  If you're a future bride, I highly suggest writing everything down in some form if you ever want to remember it!  I'm incredibly thankful now that we did use social media!  (Also, the adorable baby with me in my current profile photo is my new baby cousin.  Isn't he cute?!?)

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