Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wedding Trip Recap- September 17, 2012

Monday, I had the trial run for my wedding hair and make up from 10 am to 12 pm.  Elissa decided to stay with me to watch while Eliot went to the Magic Kingdom with BJ, Katie and her parents for a few hours.  I absolutely loved my stylist Jessica.  She was funny and put me at ease right away.  I loved what she did with my hair and my make up was flawless.  I felt like a real Disney princess!  She even used the same make up spray that the Disney princesses use to keep their make up perfect all day long.

Once I was done, Eliot came back to Pop Century and the three of us took off to the courthouse to get our marriage license.  Mom and Dad let me take their car for the 30-40 minute drive off property.  When we got to the Osceola County Courthouse, we were pretty surprised to find out that it was closed for Rosh Hashanah!  We had a few laughs about how bad it was that 2/3 of the car load was Jewish and the thought that it might be closed didn't even cross our minds.  However, we quickly got over it and decided to get some lunch since we were all starving.  We found a Wendy's and ordered our food.

Somewhere during the meal, a creepy guy came in and kept looking at me.  Eventually, he came over to me while Eliot and Elissa were getting Frosties for dessert and started talking to me.  I still had my fancy wedding trial hair do and my make up on and apparently he thought that I looked like Adele.  (I don't see it… but anyways.)  So the next thing I know, he's telling the entire restaurant that I was Adele and asked me to sing for them.  I must have been bright red at that point.  Then, he started singing to me!!!  Fortunately, Elissa came to my rescue a minute later.  We packed up our trash and headed out the door, but not before he started asking me for money and telling me how beautiful I was.  (None of us even had cash on us to begin with.)  Needless to say, it ended up being an interesting experience!

After Wendy's we headed back to Disney property and Pop Century so I could work on a few more projects.  We got a laugh when we entered our hotel room and Mousekeeping had put Duffy and our kangaroo on our beds.

I settled in and got to work on a few projects.  I wanted to decorate our windows so I had made Cast Member name badges for all of our wedding party, our parents and my Nana and Papa.  I got to work cutting those out.  I also had signs that said "We're here for Melissa and Eliot's Fairy Tale Wedding."  Once I got those all cut out, I started decorating my parents windows and ours.  Eliot and I also put our personalized Ear Hats and our Tigger and Eeyore in the window.

I also wanted to have a Memory Charm on my bouquet.  I found a picture of my grandfather, one of our first family dog Tobie with Lucky when he was a puppy, and the picture of Lucky and me (with the hidden Mickey) from my college graduation.  I cut them all down to size and glued them to the Mickey rhinestone charm I'd bought.  I was really happy with how it turned out and glad that I could have a part of them all with me even though they weren't here with us anymore.  (And I was also glad that the hidden Mickey in the graduation picture would fit in the frame.)

After dinner, we decided to join up with Eliot's family for a few hours at Hollywood Studios. (Eliot's Mom and Sara had spent the day there with Eliot's aunt and uncle.)  We met them at the entrance and took a few photos in front of the Sorcerer's Hat.  We decided that if we hurried, we still might make it to see Fantasmic.  

We arrived at the Hollywood Hills Theater 10 minutes before the show started and the cast members there ended up letting us all sit in the reserved seating area that hadn't been claimed.  We had a perfect center view of the show… talk about good timing!

I love Fantasmic and it's Eliot and Elissa's favorite Disney show.  (Eliot and his groomsmen actually walked into the Wedding Pavilion with part of the Fantasmic music playing.)  Elissa was very excited to see the Disney World version and how it compared to the Disneyland one.  Of course, we throughly enjoyed it.

After the show, we took a few PhotoPass photos in front of the Tower of Terror.  While we were slowly making our way back to the exit, we watched a cast member draw the Fab Five on the pavement with a broom handle and water.

Finally, we went back to Pop Century knowing that we were going to have a very busy Tuesday ahead of us.  °o°

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