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Wedding Trip Recap- September 23, 2012

Sunday was the day that most of our friends and family were leaving.  Katie and Rick were gone before the rest of us even got out of bed.  Sara had an early afternoon flight, so she decided that she would stay at Pop Century and get some homework done while waiting for her bus to the airport.

Blizzard Beach park map. (Photo from Disney.)
The rest of us had decided that we were going to go to Blizzard Beach together.  Once again, most of our group had never been to a Disney Water Park, so it was a fun experience. Blizzard Beach holds a special place in my heart.  I love Typhoon Lagoon as well, but Blizzard Beach reminds me of long, snowy winters in Maine.  My family went there for the first time when I was 12 and it was the trip where we were at Disney World for Christmas. Being from Maine and having "White Christmas" playing on the speakers while walking around Blizzard Beach in your bathing suit was something that I won't ever forget.  It was hilarious and I've absolutely loved it ever since.

Elissa and Nori were flying out later in the afternoon, so they decided to join Anthony, Nico, Eliot, Jeremy, Mom, Dad and me at the park.  We went on Teamboat Springs, the family raft ride down Mount Gushmore.  Dad and Jeremy went on the first raft and Nico, Anthony, Nori, Eliot and me went on the other one.  It was a blast.

After that, we went on the Toboggan Racers, which is an 8 lane water slide where riders slide down on their stomachs on a toboggan style mat.  This is always one of Eliot's and my Dad's favorites.  Both of them always get out in front of me and spray me in tons of water on the way down.  We got a kick out of racing each other.  (It's really a lot of fun when you have a large group and you take up all 8 lanes.)  

Unfortunately, I ran out of pictures on my water camera so I only got pictures of us on Teamboat Springs.  Another reason that I need a waterproof digital camera!  I'm sure the racing photos would have been hilarious!  We also floated around the park in the lazy river. It's my Mom's favorite part of the water parks.  (This is also usually where I'd be taking a ton of photos.)

Finally, we had to go back to Pop Century so Elissa and Nori wouldn't miss their Magical Express to the airport.  Eliot and I said goodbye to them before getting cleaned up.  We met up with my family and found out that they were going to go to dinner off property.  They planned to go to Bob Evans and they invited us to go with them and we decided to go.

I was excited to get a good meal into my stomach.  I don't always eat the best at Disney.  I usually get burgers or chicken at the quick service restaurants so I was craving something with a little more of a home-cooked feel.  I had a delicious BBQ chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli.  It was amazing and totally hit the spot.  I also love the Bob Evans dinner rolls.  Yum!  It was definitely a treat.

That night, Eliot and I hung out at the hotel and tried to get some rest.  We had to pack up our wedding items since my parents were leaving the next day.  We also had our Magic Kingdom photo-shoot first thing in the morning on Monday and I had to be up at 3:00 am to shower and get ready for my appointment with Beauté Spécialé for my hair and make up.

The past few days were emotionally starting to wear on us and it was hard to say goodbye to everyone and to accept the fact that our wedding trip was coming to an end.  I took some time to reflect on how incredible the whole trip was and to thank everyone for their well wishes.  (You can see that I had a ton of Facebook notifications from well wishers!)  But the magical trip wasn't over quite yet... Cinderella and Prince Charming still had their magical photo-shoot at the castle to look forward to!  °o°

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