Friday, September 13, 2013

Wedding Trip Recap- Introduction

One week from today is our one year wedding anniversary!  I still can't believe that it's been a year since we had our amazing Disney Wedding trip.  It was certainly a trip to remember and two of the most magical weeks of my life!  We worked really hard leading up to the wedding.  We spent countless hours planning, designing, crafting, emailing, etc.  But it was completely worth every minute.

I've decided to commemorate our Disney Wedding trip with a Trip Recap each day for the corresponding day from a year ago.  Get ready for about two weeks of Disney Wedding fun with some never before seen photos and tales of our adventures.  Before we begin our trip down memory lane, I'd like to share some backstory about why we decided to have a Disney Wedding:

We are both self proclaimed “Disney Geeks.” I've always loved the design of the parks and rides and take note of all of the small details.  Eliot loves to ride on the roller coasters and dreamed of designing them since he was little.  I've dreamed of getting married at Walt Disney World since my first trip at the age of 5.  Our love of Disney is what brought us together and we couldn’t imagine getting married anywhere else!!!

We wanted to choose a wedding date that had special importance to us.  We also knew we wanted a fall wedding in September.  We thought that a Tuesday or Thursday would work best so our guests could enjoy a long weekend in Florida before or after the wedding.  After looking at a 2012 calendar, I realized that 9/20 was a Thursday and Eliot was born on June 9th and I was born on November 20th.  9/20 was the perfect date.  (A few months after the wedding date was finalized with Disney, I actually realized that 9/20 was also exactly in the middle of my parents wedding anniversary and Eliot’s parents wedding anniversary.  I guess it was destiny; I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried!)
We obviously wanted to have a Disney theme for our wedding, and after selecting our venues, the themes basically formed themselves.  We had a “Cinderella” Ceremony and “Little Mermaid” themed Reception.  Eliot’s favorite color is lime and mine is hot pink; thus, those were our wedding colors.  We also wanted to add Hidden Mickeys throughout as a fun way to tie in the mouse that started it all. 

We chose Disney's Wedding Pavilion for our ceremony because we wanted a venue on property that was private and elegant.  The Wedding Pavilion also was designed so it has a window looking over to Cinderella Castle.  It was the perfect location to get married!  

We chose the Living Seas for our reception after our Wedding Coordinator suggested it.  We both love watching the animals in the tank swimming around and thought that it would make a great back drop for our reception.  

Finally, we wanted to end the day at a VIP viewing of “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.” IllumiNations is my favorite Disney show and it holds a special significance to us since the song “Promise,” played right after IllumiNations, was also the song we selected for our first dance.

Now that you know more about our why we chose to have a Disney Wedding, stay tuned for our Disney Wedding trip recap over the next two weeks!  °o°

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