Monday, September 16, 2013

Wedding Trip Recap- September 16, 2012

Sunday the 16th we woke up bright and early so we could make the most of our day at the parks.  We had a lot of last minute wedding things to do on Monday and Tuesday, so we wanted to take full advantage of the day!  It was Sara and Elissa's (Eliot's younger sisters) first time to Walt Disney World so we wanted to show them something that was different than what they were used to at Disneyland.  We decided to go to Epcot first.  

After taking a ton of PhotoPass pictures in front of Spaceship Earth, we stood in line to go on the ride.  We passed the time being silly and taking pictures of ourselves in line.  Once we got inside, we split up into groups for the ride.  Elissa and I went in one car and she was pretty impressed that we were inside of the giant golf ball.  We got off and made sure that we showed them our pictures flying across the country to where we were from.

Next, we slowly made our way around the rest of Future World.  At the Living Seas, we rode Nemo and Friends and then watched all of the fish, sea turtles, sharks and dolphins swimming in the tank for a while.  (Both Sara and Elissa love animals and are interested in becoming veterinarians so we knew that they'd enjoy the Living Seas Pavilion.)  We also wanted to show Eliot's family where we'd be having our wedding reception.  I got serious chills when we walked into the Pavilion.  One more step closer to the reality to our dream wedding!

Before leaving the Living Seas, we played around in the gift shop for a few minutes with all of the fun Nemo themed merchandise.  Disney plush always provide fun photo taking opportunities!

After a while, we split up and Eliot, Elissa and I decided to go back to Pop Century to go for a swim.  It was starting to get pretty warm out and we thought that we'd get some rest before my family arrived in the afternoon.  We enjoyed our swim and had a blast with our water camera.  (A waterproof camera is a must if you want fun pool and water park photos!  We just bought disposable ones but someday I hope to have a digital one!)

Later in the day, my parents and grandparents (and the trailer of our wedding stuff) arrived and we spent a lazy afternoon visiting with them in their hotel rooms.  Around dinner, we met back up with Eliot's Mom and Sara and we all decided to head into the Magic Kingdom. We made sure to get plenty of pictures outside of the train station and on Main Street.  (Main Street is even more magical at night when it's all lit up with decorations!  I absolutely love it!)

After wandering around the park for a while, we ended up getting dinner at Casey's.  (It's one of Eliot's and my favorite quick service places to eat at Disney.  He absolutely loves the cheese you can get to add to your french fries and I'm a fan of the mini corn dogs!)  We were comfortably sitting when the time was getting close to the fireworks so we ended up watching Wishes from Casey's.  It wasn't the best view with the umbrellas, but we planned to see it again later in the trip.

We ended the day by going on the new Dumbo ride (so pretty lit up at night!) and taking pictures of the castle with few people in them since it was close to park closing.  

After that, we were basically exhausted and we dragged ourselves back to our bus stop to get back to Pop Century to prepare for another busy day.  °o°

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