Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Trip Recap- September 18, 2012

Tuesday morning we got up so we could try for get our marriage license take 2.  We also had to run a few errands at Wal-Mart, so both Elissa and my brother Jeremy decided to join us for the ride.  

The courthouse was open, thank goodness.  Even though there is no 3 day waiting period for people out of state, I still wanted to have that piece of paper in hand so I didn't need to worry about it!  Elissa came into the courthouse with us and took a few photos while Jeremy stayed in the car.  It was pretty unceremonious.  We filled out a piece of paper and then we signed our marriage license.  In Florida, the bride and groom have to sign it at the courthouse and then have the officiant sign it after the wedding and he sends it in.  (If I'd known this, I would have made a decorative marriage license to have our officiant, our maid of honor and best man sign that we could frame when we got back home.  Oh well!)

After the courthouse, we went over to Wal-Mart long enough for the boys to get haircuts and for Elissa and I to grab our list of last minute items.  Then we quickly drove back to Disney property so we could get a few wedding things crossed off our checklist before the rest of our guests arrived later on in the day.

Once we were back at Pop Century, everyone else was still out and about at the theme parks, so we took advantage of the quiet time and worked on more of the craft projects that we had to get done.  Elissa was huge help getting the bubbles out of their plastic wrap while I worked on my wedding shoes and glued shells onto my miniature sandcastle and our beach guest book pen holders.  

Eliot helped cut out some of the papers for our welcome folders while Elissa and I were busy.  Then the three of us stuffed the Cinderella welcome folders with park maps, times guides, Pop Century maps, invitations to a few wedding events, and our own custom made "guide map" with information about our wedding designed by Ever After Printables (who is now unfortunately closed).

We also had Eliot and Jeremy double check their tuxedos from Men's Warehouse to make sure that they fit them alright.  Eliot was being silly and decided to dance around our messy, project filled hotel room.  (I guess he was pretty excited to finally be getting married at Disney!)  They looked pretty good and I was relieved that they coordinated how we'd hoped that they would.  Another thing off the list!

My maid of honor and best friend Katie arrived mid-afternoon in the middle of our craft party and fearlessly went to work in her hotel room ironing the rhinestones onto our bachelorette party shirts.  I had found them by Bridal Bling on Etsy and I fell in love with the Disney font and Minnie Mouse ears on top!  They were perfect for us to wear.  When Katie was done making them, she even delivered them to all of my bridesmaids.  And she took pictures of all of them!  Katie's pretty fabulous!  (The fairy godmother one was for my Nana who is definitely Eliot's and my Fairy Godmother!) 

A few hours later, we had crossed a lot off of our to-do list and were getting ready to go to Downtown Disney with our wedding party for a Welcome Dinner.  We wanted to have a welcome dinner with our wedding party and a few family members so everyone could meet each other a few days before the wedding.  We had chosen to eat at the Rainforest Cafe since it's a favorite of Eliot's and myself, but also because we thought that everyone who hadn't been to one would enjoy the experience.  We had a great dinner and I even got to enjoy my favorite Rainforest drink, the green python!  Yum!

Afterwards, we were having our Bachelor and Bachelorette night.  Before leaving the Rainforest Cafe, Katie gave me my attire for the evening.  I got a Cinderella wedding play-set complete with a flower bridal crown and a big heart ring that just fit my little finger.  Of course, there was also a little bouquet so I was instructed that I had to hold on to it the entire night.  Between the Cinderella accessories and my rhinestone "Bride" shirt, there was no mistaking that I was a Disney Bride!

Eliot and I had decided to have a Bachelor/Bachelorette night together so that our wedding party and close friends would be comfortable with each other at our wedding.  Our friends came from all over the country so it was a good way for everyone to meet and have a good time together. Katie, Ryan (our best man) and BJ all were in charge of the plans for the evening.  They came up with a fun scavenger hunt idea to do in Downtown Disney so those who had limited days on their theme park tickets wouldn't have to use a whole day to only go in the parks for a few hours.

Katie read aloud the rules outside of the Rainforest Cafe.  We were split into teams, Team Tigger (the girls) vs Team Eeyore (the guys) and then we were off!  Team Tigger had a blast.  All of us girls were laughing so hard as we ran from one end of Downtown Disney to the other taking photos.  It was pretty funny when we ran by the guys a few times.  (There might have been a little good natured trash talk...)  In the end, we all had a lot of fun taking pictures of our scavenger hunt items, and Team Tigger won by one picture.  (Woo Team Tigger!!!)  I ended up winning a $25 Disney Gift Card, so that was pretty awesome!  I wasn't expecting a prize!

Afterwards, our large group headed back to the hotel since we knew that the next day was going to be super busy… and super early.  Only one more day between us and our wedding!  °o°

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