Friday, July 1, 2022

Fun Find: Celebrating Canada Day

We're hitting pause on our 4th of July celebrations for a day to celebrate another country near and dear to my heart, our neighbors up north!  Today is Canada Day, which is basically their Independence Day.  I think it's important to also acknowledge their special day, so I wanted to do a Fun Find Friday in honor of Canada!

From a young age, Canada was special to me.  My Mom was actually born in Canada, along with both of her siblings.  Mom grew up in Calais, Maine and at the time the closest hospital was over the river in another country.  When Mom was growing up, she and her friends would cross over the bridge into Canada all the time.  You didn't need a passport and all of the stuff that's required today.  In fact, most of the border patrol people knew kids on both sides of the border as they crossed across it so often!

As a child, I remember going to up Calais the first weekend of every August for the International Festival.  Calais and St. Stephen, New Brunswick would have a huge celebration together.  There was a parade that went from one country to the other and events are on both sides of the border.  And they still host the festival every year.  

Going out to Nana and Papa's camp during the International Festival also meant gathering with my Mom's side of the family.  It was a highlight of every summer.  My cousins and I loved playing together there.  It usually meant swimming and boating in the lake, a huge cookout, lobsters, and lots of laughter.  To this day, I still smile every time I see the Canadian flag since it brings back so many wonderful memories.

So today I wanted to honor Canada.  I was doing a bit of research and I came across a few videos over on YouTube that I wanted to share with you.  The first video is of the "O' Canada" film from the Canada Pavilion of the Epcot World Showcase.  (This is one of the older versions before it's most recent update.)

I love how the film shows so much of the country.  It really makes me want to travel there more!  My parents just went to Niagara Falls and I'm dying to go back.  (They took me when I was young enough to barely remember it.)  Plus, Eliot and I are dying to visit Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and Edmonton to see the Sharks play against all of the Canadian NHL teams someday!

The second video I came across is from the Walt Disney Studios Canada YouTube channel.  They made this video to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday back in 2017 and it shows actors from Disney films that are all from Canada.  I thought it was cool to see!

And there you have it!  This little blog post isn't much, but I'm happy that I was able to take a few minutes to celebrate Canada and her beauty.  To all of our neighbors up north, I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration!  Happy Birthday Canada!

Happy Canada Day!!!  °o°

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