Thursday, July 28, 2022

#tbt 2019 Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail

Today, we're continuing our Christmas in July week with another walk down memory lane.  I never posted much about our Disney trips back in 2019 since Eliot and I were traveling for 6 weeks from the end of November through mid-January.  Things were insane and after we got home, I was really sick and then the pandemic started.

I thought it would be fun to look back on one of our experiences during our trip to Walt Disney World in the days before we left for our back-to-back Very Merrytime Christmas Cruises on the Disney Cruise Line.  Eliot and I went to Florida a few days before our cruise.  Even though we had literally just been at Walt Disney World with his family for Thanksgiving, we wanted to go to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and check out a few other holiday offerings in the area.  (I'll write more about those later this year...)

For our throwback today, I thought we'd take a peek at Eliot's and my trip to Disney Springs to see the 2019 Christmas Tree Trail!  So let's close our eyes and picture a warm, festive Florida evening in early December of 2019...  

I was so excited to do this since we'd never done it before.  As Eliot and I approached the entrance to the Christmas Tree Trail I was elated at what was in store for us!  It was pretty crowded, but we slowly made our way inside.  As soon as we walked into the fenced in area, we were greeted with trees.  I won't write about each of the trees on display, but I've collected images of all of them in the order Eliot and I saw them.

1- Walt Disney World Christmas Tree

2- Mickey and Minnie Christmas Tree

3- Beauty and the Beast Christmas Tree

4- Sleeping Beauty Christmas Tree

5- Princess and the Frog Christmas Tree

6- Little Mermaid Christmas Tree

7- Aladdin Christmas Tree

8- Frozen Christmas Tree

9- Mulan Christmas Tree

10- Snow White Christmas Tree

11- Toy Story Christmas Tree

12- Haunted Mansion Christmas Tree

13- Pinocchio Christmas Tree

14- Villains Christmas Tree

15- Cinderella Christmas Tree

16- Dumbo Christmas Tree

17- Star Wars Christmas Tree

18- Peter Pan Christmas Tree

19- Tangled Christmas Tree

20- Lion King Christmas Tree

21- Mary Poppins Christmas Tree

22- Fantasia Christmas Tree

At the end of the Christmas Tree Trail, there was a booth with some merchandise and snacks.  Eliot saw cotton candy... so naturally we got one.  I was able to get it away from him long enough to take this photo.  Let's just say that it didn't last too long.

We poked around the store, but I wish they had more stuff that said Disney Springs Christmas Tree Trail on it.  On the way out, we admired the toy soldiers on display.

I really enjoyed the painted fence on the way out of the trail and back to the shops.

Along the fence, they had a few ads for Noelle on Disney+ since it came out that year.

Of course, there was also some unofficial advertising throughout the trail... Disney is good at that.  On each of the Christmas Trees, Disney had lanterns with ornaments that were on sale.  The lanterns all had stickers stating that "Ornament Inside Available at Disney's Days of Christmas" in Disney Springs.

I absolutely loved checking out all of the trees on the Christmas Tree Trail.  I'm totally into holiday decorating anyways... but it was the details that impressed me.  Some trees were better than others, but they all were put together well.  My favorite was the Tangled tree.  I'd like to have a Tangled tree in my office someday, and this gave me great ideas.  I loved the flowers, braided hair, purple and pink ornaments, paint brushes and palettes, the frying pan and the glowing lanterns!

I'm so glad that Eliot and I made time to go to Disney Springs to check this out!  It was so much fun and a great family activity to do on a quiet night if you need a break from the theme parks.  I hope Disney continues to have this every year since there are so many different movies and attractions that they could make Christmas trees for!

Wasn't that fun?  Eliot and I both loved the Christmas Tree Trail and seeing all of the Christmas tree designs for each of the movies.  It definitely inspired me to decorate more of my own themed trees (even if they're only small ones) for our house!  °o° 

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