Thursday, July 7, 2022

#tbt Elissa's Bat Mitzvah

Happy Thursday Friends!  Today, I'm popping in with another Throwback Thursday post.  I'd actually planned to do my 4th of July recap today, but I was reminded of another event when I opened up Facebook earlier this afternoon.  Exactly ten years ago today, Eliot and I were in California celebrating Elissa's Bat Mitzvah on 7-7-2012!!!

It's hard to believe that was 10 years ago... but it was a few weeks right before Eliot's and my Walt Disney World Wedding.  And because our 10 year wedding anniversary is also coming up... that's correct even if it seems impossible.  (Time really does fly!)

I actually don't have many photos from Elissa's Bat Mitzvah party.  I'm assuming that Eliot's parents have the ones from the professional photographer, but I've never actually laid eyes on them.  Since we had a photographer, I took minimal photos of the day with my cell phone.  I did however post a few on Facebook: one of the party set up and the giant Minnie Mouse balloon arch, and another of Eliot and I after the party was over... which is why we both look like a sweaty mess from dancing all night long!

I have a lot of memories from that day... and most of them are good.  I was so proud of Elissa for how hard she studied the Torah and practiced leading up to her big day.  Her ceremony at the temple early in the day went wonderfully.  After, we had a small snack in the reception hall.  That evening, the big event was her party in the same reception hall... but we had transformed it into a beautiful banquet hall.

One of my fondest memories of her Bat Mitzvah were the centerpieces that Eliot and I made for the party.  That was our big contribution.  Eliot and I went to AC Moore in the weeks leading up to the event and we created a bunch of Disney themed centerpieces for each table.  Each one was themed for a different movie.  

I have to admit that I had forgotten about what most of the centerpieces looked like until I saw this photo.  (I never took photos since we had the photographer.)  Here we have Tangled, Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Monsters Inc, Cars, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Toy Story.  I really love how the Monsters Inc. one came out with Boo's door and the text painted like Mike and Sulley.  I also love how I used letter blocks on the Toy Story centerpiece to spell out Elissa's initials EFC.

I'm really proud of how all of the centerpieces came out.  Obviously, they're clearly handmade... but considering that I made most of them myself, less than three months before my own wedding is a pretty big accomplishment all on it's own.  And I'd certainly do it for Elissa all over again if given the chance.  She means the world to me.

Overall, Elissa's Bat Mitzvah was a wonderful day that I look back fondly on.  I'm so proud of how much she's grown over the past 10 years into the amazing and incredible woman that she is today!  Happy 10 Year Bat Mitzvah Anniversary Elissa!  °o°

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