Friday, July 15, 2022

Fun Find: Tokyo Dream Lights Electrical Parade Video

Happy Friday!  Today, I'm busy with a ton of stuff on my to do list... so I'm only popping in really quick with a video.  Eliot and I actually watched this video last weekend and we both were very impressed with it, so I had to share it with you guys! 

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Tokyo Disneyland always seems to have the coolest stuff... and the Dream Lights parade is no exception.  I love watching videos of the shows and parades from the other Disney Parks around the world.  Eliot and I would love to go to all of them someday.  But for now, these videos are a fun way to experience the magic!

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The thing that impressed us most was the quality of the floats in the Tokyo parade.  It has a classic feel like the Main Street Electrical Parade, but it's clearly using the best of today's technology.  I really loved it.  No spoilers from me though... check it out!  

Wasn't that awesome?!?!?  This video really makes me wish Walt Disney World had an electrical parade again.  And we deserve something truly magical like the quality of Paint the Night.  Sadly, with current leadership, things seem to be disappearing more than new things are coming.  Let's just say I'm not holding my breath for an electrical parade at the Magic Kingdom anytime soon.

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Thankfully, with people around the world taping shows at their theme parks, we can experience the magic through those videos!  I hope you enjoyed this one!  

Have an electric weekend friends!  °o°

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