Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Wedding Wednesday: Our 1st Christmas Card

It's Wednesday and we're ringing in another day of Christmas in July holiday cheer with a very merry (or should I say "marry") Wedding Wednesday post!  

I really enjoyed walking down memory lane last week when I posted about our aisle runner.  So for today, I thought that I'd share something that Eliot and I used for our first Christmas together after we got married in September of 2012!

December 2012 was the first Christmas Eliot and I had ever been in the same location, and I was looking forward to it so much.  I've never really talked about it, but Christmas of 2011 was very emotional for me.  Eliot and I had literally just gotten engaged a few weeks prior to it, and I was really missing him that particular winter break.  But I knew the following year we'd be together and I had been looking forward to it so much!

For Christmas of 2012, I wanted to send out special cards from Eliot and me.  I figured that we only had one chance to do the whole newlywed Christmas Card thing, and I wanted it to be special.  Thankfully, I found the perfect idea on Etsy and I ran with it!

As soon as I saw the listing of this design from Something Printable by Victoria Ann, I knew that was it.  I loved the simple chalkboard design and it was going to look great with one of our Disney Wedding photos that was done in black and white.  

In fact, the picture I selected was the leading photo of our album from Disney Fine Art and Photography, so obviously they thought it was a great photo too!  It's actually kind of funny... it was so close after our wedding that we didn't even have the full proofs of our wedding photos, so the photo I sent Victoria was literally a screen shot I took from the private album from the Disney website- complete with the watermark at the bottom!

I bought the listing for the personalized digital design, and messaged Victoria asking if it was possible to add some hidden Mickeys to it.  She was more than happy to make the personalized tweaks and she added little Mickeys to the words "Christmas" "Mr." and "Mrs." on our card- along with editing in our names and wedding photo.

I absolutely love how our 2012 Christmas Card came out!  Victoria did a great job and I love how it's a little snapshot in time of our lives back in 2012 when Eliot and I were first married.  Since then, I have tried to make fun personalized cards each year.  I've missed a few years more recently, but I'm working on getting better with it!  

Our 2012 Christmas Card is a wonderful keepsake from that first Christmas that Eliot and I spent together, as well as a wonderful reminder of the love and magic from our Disney Wedding!  I will always cherish this Christmas card photo!!!  °o°

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