Monday, July 4, 2022

Independence Day 2022

Happy Independence Day America!!!

I am so excited and I've been looking forward to today for weeks!  After a few years of uncertainty, it seems like things are finally heading in the direction of normal.  Today, Bar Harbor hosts their usual festivities for the 4th... the parade and fireworks... along with the Pancake Breakfast, Craft Fair, Seafood Festival and live bands!!!

Back in 2020, Eliot and I completely skipped going to Bar Harbor... because like most of the rest of the country... they weren't doing anything for it due to COVID.

In 2021, we went up to Bar Harbor, but it was a bit of a jumbled weekend.

This year, I'm looking forward to things going back to normal... or whatever normal will feel like going forward.  Things have changed.  Epi was sold so we'll no longer be able to go there after the parade for lunch.  We also won't be able to have breakfast there when we arrive in town super early.  But maybe we'll go to the Pancake Breakfast instead and start a new tradition?  Or maybe we'll grab something downtown... 

After the parade, maybe we'll check out the Seafood Festival.  I love lobster and it sounds like they'll have hamburgers for Eliot, Jeremy and Nana to enjoy.  I do enjoy browsing the Craft Fair which is right across the street from it at the YMCA.

One of the things that I'm most excited about this year is that things worked out so that Eliot has today and tomorrow off.  His hard work the past few weeks has paid off and he basically earned an extra day off since he's worked so many hours.  We were afraid that we'd have to skip the fireworks, but now he has tomorrow off as well... so we'll be able to enjoy the fireworks and get a good night's sleep before driving home tomorrow.

I'm not sure what today will hold, but I know I'm glad to be home.  I'm glad that things feel more normal.  And I'm glad that we are able to celebrate the land of the free. 

Happy 4th of July!!!  °o°

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