Sunday, July 24, 2022

Introducing Themed Weeks

Happy Sunday Everyone!  I hope you're enjoying this beautiful July weekend.  Eliot and I are savoring the last hours of our weekend away in Trenton and Bar Harbor, but I wanted to pop in for a quick moment.  (Ah, the benefits of pre-scheduled blog posts!) 

Today, I wanted to share something that I've wanted to do for a few years now.. and I'm finally taking the plunge!  It's time for another new addition to my blog... themed weeks!

I've always thought it would be fun to write a bunch of posts surrounding the same topic.  The idea morphed into having a theme for a week and having all of my blog posts that week centered around that week's specific theme.  And I loved that idea... 

Naturally, all of the first themes I thought of were holidays.  Then, there was an endless stream of ideas about movies, theme parks, lands, attractions and more.  I knew that I was on to something... even if I wasn't sure when I'd finally implement it!

It's a lot of work to commit to writing that many posts.  But since I started using my new process of writing blogs, I've posted more.  I used to panic at the thought of publishing 12-13 blog posts a month.  Now, I'm writing about 20 a month... without the panic.

Thus, after a bit of thinking, and using my new process to plan ahead a bit... I have decided that it was time to debut my first themed week!  And since one of the very first ideas I had for a theme was Christmas in July, that's how we're going to kick it off!

So I introduce to you, my idea of Themed Weeks with our first one being Christmas in July!  Check back each day this week for something that's holiday themed so we can have a little bit of cool festive fun during these hot summer months!  °o°

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