Monday, July 18, 2022

Magical Merchandise: Disney Wish

I've been so busy the past few weeks that I've barely had time to acknowledge that the Disney Cruise Line's newest ship, the Disney Wish, had it's Christening Ceremony, took it's media voyage, it's maiden voyage and is now in it's Inaugural Sailings!!!  I've been following along on social media, but I haven't had a chance to write about it!

I've really enjoyed all of the sneak peeks of the newest ship.  As soon as I saw the Christening Ceremony back on June 29th, I was looking up cruises and prices.  I am 1000% obsessed with it and it's design details.  (The interior designer and Disney nerd in me is singing like a choir of angels at it's beauty.)  I can't wait to set sail on her! 

And the surprises appear to keep coming!  I had already kissed the opportunity to own some of the merchandise goodbye assuming that it would be sold out long before Eliot and I were able to take our first voyage on her.  That was until 3 am this morning when we checked Shop Disney for the latest merchandise drop.  (So a little birdie gave me a bit of a head's up, but I didn't believe it until I saw it.)  And there it all was at 3 am... 

At this point, some of the merchandise has sold already out (like both Loungefly bags); but I had to swing by to show you what was dropped on Shop Disney this morning!

First up, the piece that I wanted the most... the Disney Wish Inaugural Loungefly Backpack was my favorite of the new merchandise.  I loved the elegant sparkle to it.  It reminded me of the grand lobby of the Wish and how classy and sophisticated it is!

I also like this Disney Wish All Over Print Loungefly Backpack.  It's the same print as the red one Eliot bought me on Amazon, but it looks better on the white background!

There are also Mouse Ears to match the Inaugural backpack!

I also thought these Disney Wish Captain Hat Mouse Ears were cute.  They also have the elastic band for people who don't like the headbands.

Dooney and Burke came out with a small collection too.  Here's the crossbody bag.

There was also a Dooney and Burke tote bag.  Note all of their special leather tags.

And rounding out the Dooney and Burke collection is a satchel.

Finally, the last item released online this morning was this Alex and Ani Bracelet! 

Wasn't that a wonderful surprise!  Maybe Disney has realized that they'll sell a lot more merchandise if they make these items available on the cruise ships and online.  Sure, it's not as exclusive when you can get it online, but they'll make more money in the end.  And there will be less reselling at the insane costs that cruise stuff usually goes for since it's so hard to come by unless you actually are sailing with DCL.

Now... I can only hope the Wish Spirit Jersey eventually makes it's way online... °o°

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