Friday, February 24, 2023

2023 Sharks Legends Game

I think it's going to be another fin-tastic weekend in San Jose!  

Tonight, the entire Cady fam is going to a special event planned around Patrick Marleau's jersey retirement ceremony tomorrow.  We've only known about this for a few weeks now... but it's going to be awesome!!!  The San Jose Sharks are hosting a Sharks Legends Game featuring tons of former Sharks players!!!

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The game takes place tonight at the new Tech CU arena where the Barracuda now play.  This is the first season they've been hosting their AHL games at this space, since they used to also play games at the Shark Tank.  Eliot and I have seen a lot of video footage of the new, state of the art arena, but we haven't been to Sharks Ice since we went to a few of their practices back in March of 2019!  We're really excited to see it!

The best part, is that "Jumbo" Joe Thornton will be playing!  He wasn't announced in the original roster, but a few days ago, the Sharks announced that he would be joining the festivities.  I'm so excited to see Jumbo and Patty together again!  In addition to that, we were also surprised to see Patrick Marleau's four sons will be playing.

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And if we weren't already excited enough to see former Sharks players, and the new arena, Rick called us the other day to tell us that we have tickets right up against the glass for the game.  Plus, there are only 4,200 seats in the arena, so it was extremely limited as to how many people were able to attend the game.  I've seen a bunch of posts from people begging for someone to sell them tickets in our Sharks Facebook group.  And some tickets have been on the re-sell market for $500 each!  (I'm pretty sure they were originally only $25 per seat on pre-sale.)

So from the sounds of it, we've got the tickets to the hottest event in town this evening- and we're going to see the Sharks Legends up close and personal from a great view!

Ahh, I'm so excited!  I seriously can't wait!!!  °o°

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