Sunday, February 12, 2023

Super Bowl Sunday 2023

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!!!

As you know, Eliot and I are big sports fans.  We love watching the Super Bowl each year.  I've been blessed to have my team in the big dance many times over the past 2+ decades.  The New England Patriots have been a Super Bowl staple for years.

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Eliot hasn't been so lucky... his Philadelphia Eagles have been three times, and only twice during our lifetimes.  They lost to my Patriots back in Super Bowl XXXIX (39) and then they came back to beat us during Super Bowl LII (52)... so at least we're dead even in Super Bowls against each other.  But I've had many more times to cheer for my team in the championship game.  That's why he's so excited to be able to watch the Eagles play in Super Bowl LVII (57) against the Kansas City Chiefs tonight!

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Disney has already announced that the winners of Super Bowl LVII will be heading a bit farther west to Disneyland for their traditional celebratory parade.  Walt Disney World locals are a bit disappointed that the parade is at Disneyland for the second year in a row.  But the parade seems to be going to whichever park is closer to the location of the Super Bowl... and Arizona is closer to Anaheim.  Next year, the Super Bowl is taking place in Las Vegas, so it is likely that the post game parade celebration will take place at Disneyland next year as well... regardless of who is in the game.

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Speaking of Disney, I do have one more thing that I have to share with you before I close my laptop and sign off for the evening.  Earlier today, Eliot and I both got emails from Bob Iger as part of our D23 membership.  The email spoke about celebrating 100 years of storytelling, and gave us a preview of a commercial that will premiere tonight during the Super Bowl.  I took a minute to watch it, and it definitely brought a few tears.  I'll have to watch it again to really grasp the entire thing, but I'll wait for the premiere during the big game.  If you want to see it, here it is!

I hope you enjoyed this commercial and that you have fun watching all of the ones that premier tonight!  Hopefully it will be a good game too!  For now, it's time for me to get ready for the game!  Eliot is currently on his way over to the supermarket to get stuff to make nachos and other game time snacks.  I've gotta go get the kitchen prepped!

I can't believe that I'm even saying this but... Go Eagles!!!  °o°

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