Thursday, February 23, 2023

Flying Away to San Jose

We're on to the next adventure!  This trip totally snuck right up on us.  I feel like we've been talking about going back out to San Jose forever... and now that day is here!

This afternoon, Eliot and I will make the trek down to Boston and Logan International Airport via bus from Portland.  We're supposed to be having some pretty major winter weather, but we think our bus ride will be during the lull between the two storms hitting southern Maine.  Then, we're actually meeting up with Elissa at the airport, since she's been out here for the week visiting her friend in Massachusetts.  

The three of us are sitting together in a row on our JetBlue flight.  Thankfully, it's a direct flight from Boston to San Francisco so we don't have any layovers.  We don't arrive until about 4:00 AM our time, but we'll probably get some sleep on the plane.

I'm actually hoping to get a bit of catching up done here on my blog.  Eliot told me that JetBlue sent him an email the other day saying that our flight had free wifi, so I guess we'll see!  If I can plug my laptop in, and get on the inter-webs... I might be able to get caught up on some stuff.  We've been so busy preparing for our trip this week that I haven't been able to finish my posts from this Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.  And I also have to finish a few that I planned on writing for this weekend!

Anyways... Eliot and I have still got a bit of stuff that has to get done before we need to leave, so I should go attend to that.  But I wanted to pop by and check in here first!  I'll try to post a few pictures on social media from our travels.  We have got lots of San Jose Sharks related fun planned for the weekend!  Go Sharks!!!  °o°

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