Monday, February 27, 2023

Magical Merchandise: New Minnie Mouse Torrid Collection

Torrid has had a lot of great collections lately.  But there's one that I've been (not so patiently) waiting for.  I think it's all finally online, so today I'm sharing more about the new Minnie Mouse collection that I've been stalking for the past few weeks!

You're probably wondering how I was stalking it when everything wasn't online yet.  I happened to find the sweater inadvertently, and a few days later, it had completely disappeared.  (Sometimes Torrid loads something and it goes away only to come back a week or so later.)  While looking at a simple black skirt, I discovered that the shirt modeled with it was a Minnie Mouse sketch design.  I've been waiting for these pieces to get added to the website, and I'm so happy with the final collection!

The final result is a fun preppy sketch style with black, white and millennial pink.  This collection combines some of my favorite things.  So let's check it out!

Let's start off with the things I found less exciting like this Minnie Mouse T-Shirt.

I was a bit more intrigued by this Long Sleeve Henley Top.  The Minnie Mouse design on it looks like a page from a sketchbook! 

There's also a Mesh T-Shirt Dress with Minnie on it.  Not really my style, but cute.

As usual, they also had pajamas sold separately as a top and pants.

Now we're getting into the more exciting stuff that I loved... like these leggings.  I think it's fun that they're asymmetrical with the pattern and solid side. 

This Mesh Dress is so subtle that you barely see Minnie's polka dot bows on it!

I'm really loving this suspender skirt "skirtall" design.  I love the plaid Minnie pattern, and when you twirl, there's a checkered pattern hidden underneath!

Here's the Sketch Sleeveless Blouse that I saw with the black skirt!

I'm pretty sure that my jaw dropped when I saw this Moto Jacket.  I'm 100% obsessed!

Finally, here's the fun patterned sweater that I first found online.  I love how it's different on both sides and packs a punch with the contrast patterns on it!

Don't you just love this collection?  I am obsessed with the patterns and combination of bold black and white with a soft pink.  I've already got so many outfit ideas swirling around in my head.  I'll definitely be picking up a few pieces in this collection!  °o°

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