Friday, February 17, 2023

Fun Find: Disney 100 Disneyland Show Videos

Friends, it's Friday and we have almost made it to the weekend!  Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day so I thought I'd post a few fun videos that I found.  I originally wanted to write about these last week, but it seemed like I should wait another week to "be kind" and give everyone a chance to seek these out for themselves first.  (Plus, I really wanted to write about the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Fashion Show last week!)

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But today, I figured it was time to be kind and share these!  It's been two weeks since the Disney 100 celebration started at Disneyland.  I was so excited to see the two new nighttime shows.  The shows are one of my favorite parts of a day at Disney, and these new shows at Disneyland were on my must see list.  Eliot and I aren't sure if we'll be able to see them in person, so I made it a priority to watch them on YouTube.

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Last weekend, we tucked in and watched these while we were enjoying our breakfast brunch.  We're able to watch YouTube on our television thanks to our Roku, and I've been watching more of it now that we're able to see it on the big screen.  Both new nighttime shows were marvelous, and I definitely shed a few tears.

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First, we watched Wondrous Journeys- the new fireworks show at Disneyland.  These aren't the exact videos we watched... but I wanted to find some where you'd see all of the details.  This is a fantastic few of Sleeping Beauty Castle and all of the projections!

The other new show to celebrate Disney 100 at the Disneyland Resort is World of Color: ONE.  This show is over at California Adventure.  This first video shows you a great view of the overall show without tons of heads and cell phones in the way!

This second video of World of Color: ONE shows more of the projection details from a view on the other side of the water.  If you haven't been to California Adventure before, the viewing area of the show and water is quite expansive... so you have a different experience depending on where you are standing each time!

I thought these new shows are wonderful.  I'm glad that they included so many of the animated films for Wondrous Journeys.  (All of Disney's animated films are supposed to be represented in the show... but I haven't found them all yet!)  I also love how they included Star Wars and Marvel in World of Color: ONE.  It feels very appropriate to showcase those franchises as well since they're part of the Disney family too.. it's usually Disney and Pixar getting all the love.  I'm also a big fan of them including more of the recent movies!  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love me some 90's Disney films and their incredible music, but I also love Moana and Encanto.  

I hope you enjoyed these fun videos!  I think these shows are spectacular and I hope Eliot and I are able to see them in person sometime!  °o°

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