Monday, February 20, 2023

Magical Merchandise: New Disney Princess Torrid Collection

Happy Monday Friends!  

Today I wanted to share some fun new clothing items that Torrid has recently added to their website.  The new Disney Princess Collection has slowly been showing up on and off for the past few weeks, but it finally looks like everything has arrived online!  As a huge Disney princess fan, naturally I was intrigued by everything.  

So today, I thought we'd take a peek at it!  Let's dive in!

First, they have a new Cinderella Dress.  Honestly, the ruffled dress style reminds me more of Wendy than Cinderella, but there is a glass slipper embroidered at the bottom.

I like the style of this cute Tinker Bell Dress.  There's also a Tink embroidered on it!

I'm not a huge Snow White fan but I love this top!  I think the red on the sleeves is the perfect nod to Snow White.  I might have to get this one.

There isn't a Snow White Skirt in the collection, but this was the photo the top was modeled with.  I'm wondering if this suspender skirt is going to be added eventually?

There's also an Ariel Sweater with small shells embroidered on it.

Then, there's an Ariel Top with an embroidered sleeve.

Finally, there's an Ariel Pencil Skirt with her embroidered at the bottom.

This is what the entire Ariel Outfit looks like together!  I think it's cute and pretty subtle.

Next, we have the Belle Top.  It's hard to see, but there's a book and a rose on it.

The matching Belle Skirt has a ton of roses cascading down the front.

Here's what the Belle Outfit looks like together.

I absolutely love this Aurora Dress.  You don't see much of her Briar Rose look and this dress is really cute.  The embroidery at the bottom says "Once Upon A Dream".

They also made a coordinating Aurora Sweater with some of the birds on it.

Here's the Aurora Outfit with the cardigan over the dress!  It's so cute!

Finally, we have my favorite Disney princess.  First, they added a Rapunzel Peasant Top that has a tiny Pascal down near the hem.

Then, there are Rapunzel Pants with a few floating lanterns embroidered on the side.

And here's the entire Rapunzel Outfit!

These outfits definitely fit more of the Disneybound vibe than actual costumes.  I love stuff like this though, because it's much easier to incorporate some Disney style into everyday life when the clothing doesn't feel overly costume-y.

I definitely love a few of these... especially the Snow White, Rapunzel and Aurora styles in particular.  But Ariel and Belle are cute outfits too!  Surprisingly, I'm not really loving the Cinderella dress, and I have a Tinker Bell dress already.  A few of these styles might find their way into my closet eventually!  °o°

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