Wednesday, February 1, 2023

New Beginnings

Hello February and hello to another new chapter in the adventure of life.

This morning, I woke up feeling refreshed, motivated, and ready... something that I've been struggling with the past few weeks since we returned from Florida.  New Years is always a time of fresh beginnings and setting goals.  However, due to our trip to Walt Disney World and everything leading up to it, I've found myself feeling behind in the whole "new year fresh start" schedule.  It wasn't even until Jeremy's birthday back on January 23rd that I actually finalized my 2023 goals.

But, all that is behind us now.  My goals are set, and now I feel motivated to dive in...

I'll still be posting my 2023 goals back in January when I have a minute.  I still need to finish a ton of blog posts from November, December and January.  I'm still very much behind, but I'm being kind to myself instead of freaking out over it like I used to.  

Grief is a hard thing to navigate.  Looking back at when we lost Papa, I was in a funk for months.  I don't think I felt like myself again until June.  This time with losing Nana is similar, but at the same time totally different.  I have moments of complete focus and motivation and I want to dive in head first.  Other days, I just want to sit on the couch and watch tv.  Above all, I'm just trying to be kind to myself in each moment.

And I think it's paying off.  I'm still very easily distracted, but I've found some of my lost focus the past few days.  I've been more productive this week than I have been since Eliot and I got from Florida.  I've been working on a lot this week: orders for Happily Ever Hatter and Snowblade Creations, unpacking, getting caught up on cleaning, and trying to make headway on some house organizing.

I'm getting back in my groove and that feels really good.  Plus, flipping the calendar to another month feels like a good thing.  While I'm sad to see our Walt Disney World trip disappear from my calendar white board (front and center on the fridge), I'm excited to put January 2023 behind me and to try to move forward.

Welcome February... may you hold wonderful new beginnings in your future.  °o°

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