Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Wedding Wednesday: My Cinderella Moments

It's Cinderella's 73rd Anniversary today so I thought I'd do a special edition of my Wedding Wednesday blog segment.  For our Disney Wedding, Cinderella was one of the themes organically due to the location and what Eliot and I decided to include in our wedding day.  As soon as I knew we were getting married at Walt Disney World, it seemed natural to go along with the Cinderella theme. 

I think every girl dreams of being a real life princess at one point or another during her lifetime.  For some of us, that dream never dies... and that's why so many couples get married at Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Aulani and the Disney Cruise Line.

I was blessed to have many what I like to call "Cinderella Moments" during Eliot's and my Disney Wedding experience.  Today, I thought I'd share a few of those with you!

Riding in the Carriage- One of the things that I was most excited about was riding over to our wedding ceremony in Cinderella's Carriage.  Riding in the coach is one of those things you think you'll never be able to do, but with Disney Weddings you can.  It was one of the more indulgent parts of our wedding day, but the cost was worth it.

I've talked about my carriage ride before, but I'll reiterate my favorite part.  When we were leaving the Grand Floridian and heading over to Disney's Wedding Pavilion, a bus had to stop to let us out onto the road.  I'll never forget all of the little girls popping their heads up in the windows to catch a glimpse of the "princess" riding in the glass carriage.  I'm sure that I'm in plenty of random people's Disney vacation photos, and it's such a wonderful memory.  To some of those little girls, I *was* Cinderella and if that's not a true princess moment, then I don't know what else is. 

I even got to go into it twice.  Right after our wedding, they had Eliot and I take a short trip up to the road and back so they could take photos and some video footage.  It was the first time after our wedding that we got a quiet minute to ourselves, and it was nice to be able to soak everything in together.  Plus, it made for a great photo op!

Major Domo- Obviously this wasn't a necessity, but when you get married at Disney, you might as well make it as magical as possible, right?  And honestly, I've said it before and I'll say it again, when Major Domo walked down the aisle of the Wedding Pavilion with the glass slipper holding Eliot's and my wedding rings, that's the exact moment when it hit me that we were *actually* getting married at Walt Disney World and our dream was coming true.  It came over me all at once and I got emotional... having him there was 100% magical and something that I'll never forget!

Fireworks- Ok, so fireworks themselves aren't really a Cinderella thing.  But the experience of going into the World Showcase to watch IllumiNations from the France Pavilion definitely had a princess vibe.  From walking through the World Showcase in front of park guests (many who stopped to notice the girl in the poofy white gown), to having our own private location to watch the show, to all of the yummy treats at our Dessert Party, to taking spectacular pictures during the show, to dancing to "Promise" our wedding song after the show was over... the entire evening was a magical memory.

Slipper Photos- A few days after our wedding, Eliot and I had our photo shoot at the Magic Kingdom.  This was another must have... I mean, what's the point of having a wedding at Disney if you can't take advantage of the beauty the resort has to offer? 

I brought along a bag with a few photo props: my "glass" slippers and one of my pink parasols that Stephanie, our wedding photographer, told me to bring along.  One of my favorite photos of the morning was at the Cinderella Fountain that's tucked behind the castle.  Most people walk right by it without even noticing it.  Stephanie used it as a photo location so it would look like Eliot was putting the glass slipper on my foot.  We used the fountain so I wouldn't have to sit in my dress, and I also wouldn't have to keep my foot and leg lifted so long.  I love how the photo came out and I was thrilled to recreate this Cinderella movie moment!

Cinderella Castle Photos- I was so excited about the castle photos.  For months leading up to our wedding, I would become really overwhelmed with emotion every time I thought about Eliot and I having our own photos in our wedding attire with Cinderella Castle.  Thankfully, we got quite a few of them!

Our photos on the lawn didn't come out as well as I'd hoped they would.  (I think it was still too dark out.)  But we got a bunch of other ones that I could only have dreamed of.

I'm so glad Stephanie had me bring the parasol with me.  This is one of my favorites.

Eliot and I were also able to go inside of Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique for some photos.

My favorite moment though, was actually one that Eliot sat out of.  Stephanie had us go over to the walkway leading up to the castle where she and her assistant posed me with backlighting.  The result is something beautiful that I couldn't have imagined even in my wildest dreams.  It's the perfect princess moment... I felt like a real life Cinderella.

And to this day, I still have to pinch myself sometimes to remind myself that all of this actually happened.  Eliot's and my Disney Wedding really was a dream come true.  I am forever grateful to have had my own Cinderella Moments that I'll never forget.

Happy 73rd Anniversary Cinderella!!!  °o°

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